We are 2 friends living far from each other, but have 2 big passion and its football and groundhopping, for does who don't know about groundhopping, it means go to football all around the world in as many as possible stadiums.

Does the world really need a new brand? Yes, if its good! And we believe we can make it good. The Pitch Invader designs will be connected to 2 cultures, the well known english casual style and groundhopping. Our logo is the old school floodlights you still can see on some old stadiums, for us the are the symbol for the true old spirit of football. So if you don't like football, then you might waste your time here.

Here the focus on quality and details will be high! We will start out with t-shirts and a caps, we hope football lovers all around the world will love our new brand and then in the future much more different stuff will be made. Who are the main persons to buy our stuff, its simple: football lovers!

Go to stadiums, be loyal, drink beers and have fun!